Indochina Junk Company

Indochina Junk was looking to extend its reach using fresh content and a strategic alliance with a western travel influencer. The newly launched Dragon Legend class of junk boat and the rural village of Yen Duc village were the two locations.

The project consisted of a 13 day shoot, spread over Halong Bay, Yen Duc and Hanoi. Working in conjunction with the marketing team, we shot the next years worth of social content and marketing videos. Style walks the line between adventure and luxury travel, matching the brand ideal.

Services Provided:
Photography & Videography Direction
Drone Captain
Social Consulting
Content Distribution

The updated media breathed new life into the Indochina Junk social offerings. My aerial "Best of Northern Vietnam" video received over 100k views in its first week on Facebook, presenting the Dragon Legend brand to an entirely new audience.