Pearl Palace Hotels

When we started working together, the Pearl Palace Hotels needed TWO of everything. The family run hotels had great on-line reputations - but no easy way to convert that buzz into bookings. I provided a full digital makeover, from logos and photos through to mobile-friendly websites and a booking/billing engine.

Every room in both hotels is a custom work of art. Showcasing these unique accommodations was the primary focus of this project. Dressing and shooting over two dozen luxury suites and rooms took almost a full week, waiting for each to become clean and available for a precious few moments.

The two properties share the rooftop restaurant located atop Pearl Palace. During the magic hour, I set up a shooting space and captured 6-7 dishes per evening. By the end of the shoot - the client had a full library of foodie "like-bait" to share on their social networks. These photos have also been perfect as extras when magazines request images from both hotels.

While most of the hotels' international traveler clientele speak English, we chose to shoot a video for the Peacock Rooftop Restaurant without a VO. I believe it opens up the audience for the piece a bit. As to not intrude on the guests enjoyment, we shot this quickly and without lights.


THE FOOD is now a huge driving force behind why travelers choose destinations. Western foodie culture has matured, these potential customers are ready to be drawn to you with both their heart and their stomach.

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